Gardiners Creek Nature Trail

The above photo highlights remnant indigenous grassland at Nettleton Park in Glen Iris.

A Gardiners Creek Nature Trail is proposed to highlight natural features, distinctive trees and plants and the history of Gardiners Creek. The Gardiners Creek Nature Trail will be designed as a series of fractals with multiple start and end points adjacent to high pedestrian traffic locations along its length. The Gardiners Creek Nature Trail will incorporate exiting informal and formal walking paths and short lengths of new path to link existing paths into an interesting route. Seating and information boards will be provided at interesting viewing points. Preliminary design work has commenced for Stage 1 (Nettleton Park – Glenburn Bend Park). A Stage 1 project plan is being prepared by a Deakin University Environmental Science Student for publication in late June 2021. It is hoped that the Gardiners Creek Nature Trail will eventually run between Warrigal Road and the Yarra River with easy access from the adjacent railway stations.

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