Temporal eel trap style Litter Trap for Gardiners Creek

This project is a collaboration with Friends of Gardiners Creek Valley led by Sarah Naarden in the City of Stonington Environmental Champions Group. It is set up to champion Indigenous Community Engagement for the Kooyongkoot Masterplan in an Environmental design studio with Monash University.

We propose to bio-remediate or filter the water toxins including invisible micro plastics, metals and fertilizer in the water. https://www.permaculture.co.uk/readers-solutions/using-fungi-clean-pollutants.

The partnership supports Boon Wurrung leadership and invites community participation in the enriching cultural learning exchange. It plans to expand the custodianship with local schools and support the growth of local volunteer groups to maintain the ecosystem intervention. 

$10,000 Grant application submitted to South East Water on 14 October 2020.

Sarah Naarden and Trevor Phillips, October 2020
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