The Bridges of John Monash over Gardiners Creek

Black Bridge, under construction, circa 1889

The Black Bridge, Melway Map 69 B1, on the Outer Circle Railway opened in 1890. The Black Bridge was a wooden trestle bridge. John Monash was the chief engineer for the Outer Circle Railway. The Black Bridge was dismantled during WWII.

The Glenferrie Road Bridge, Melway Map 59 D3, was widened by John Monash in 1912 to enable the Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust (PMTT) to run a new tram route over Gardiners Creek into Hawthorn and Kew. Monash used a new construction material called reinforced concrete instead of the Malvern Council’s brick arch design. The western side of the bridge was then camouflaged to look like a brick arch bridge. (Scroll down to the sixth bridge on the page)

by Trevor Phillips, October 2020

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges” – Sir Isaac Newton

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